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20 Vasil Aprilov Blvd, Plovdiv MBAL "Central Hospital"


We offer professional and easily available treatment with medicines, concomitant treatment and supporting care for patients with solid tumors in a safe and ambient environment. The goal of our experienced team is to provide high-quality treatment by:

Treatment with medicines, based on the contemporary international guidelines
Optimal control of the symptoms
Multidisciplinary approach and tumour boards
Stress on the quality of life
Pain management
Patient education
Psychological support and stress management
Cancer patient supporting programs


At Cancer clinics Doc Dr Valentina Tsekova we want to be the leaders in the field of medical oncology in Bulgaria, by distinguishing ourselves with high quality, modern and contemporary comprehensive treatment, empathy. We are dedicated to provide the best available medical treatment, improve life expectancy and quality of life of our patients.


We believe that we can help our patients and their families in the best possible way, provided by the medical science today. At the same time we want to be part of the clinical and scientific development in this scientific field.